With NRF 2024 only days away, the excitement is rising for what’s sure to be another action-packed show filled with meaningful conversations and inspirational ideas for the future.

Flooid’s participation at NRF is elevated thanks to our valued partners, and we invite NRF attendees to stop by our booth #3121 to learn more about these exceptional companies and their partnership with Flooid.  

The partners highlighted below will be available at our booth or on the expo floor to answer any questions. Also, be sure to stop by HP’s booth #4567, as they will be demoing Flooid’s seamless checkout experiences.


Deliverect is a global SaaS company that seamlessly integrates online orders from delivery channels, such as Uber Eats, DoorDash, Deliveroo, and Just Eat, allowing merchants to improve operations, increase customer satisfaction, and boost profits. Over 43,000 restaurants, convenience and grocery stores, and retailers including Taco Bell, Unilever, and OneStop trust Deliverect’s platform and suite of products to power their front-of-house and back-of-house. Learn more about how Deliverect works alongside Flooid to provide a seamless omnichannel experience to consumers and read about this partnership on Flooid’s website.


Through groundbreaking research, Edgify created a platform that can train any Deep Learning model directly on edge devices (like Self-Checkouts and Manned lanes). They developed the world’s first enterprise-facing framework which allows a network of devices to learn and store data independently and collaboratively by utilising the devices existing HW. AI-driven companies, like Edgify, are pioneering loss prevention and product recognition solutions, including intervention software, false selection alerts, fraud detection and bottom of the basket alerts from software-enhanced SCOs and selfservice scales. Flooid partnered with Edgify as two of the companies taking part in Intel’s Open Retail Initiative, producing proofs of concept in exciting new areas, such as computer vision solutions for loss prevention and product scanning. Combined with Empower, associates have digital tools they need to ensure targeted alerts for suspicious activity. Learn more on Flooid’s website or read Flooid’s white paper on loss prevention 


You can find Flytech’s cutting-edge solutions redefining engagement, seamlessly delivering information or simply making lives easier in a whole host of locations: from retail stores to restaurant chains, operating theatres to factory floors, and beyond. Whatever the market, Flytech sets the standard for top-tier innovation. Flooid and Flytech’s longstanding partnership empowers retailers to improve the point-of-sale experience, increase uptime, reduce overheads, and pivot faster to respond to new retail dynamics, demographics and trends. Read more on Flooid’s website and watch the partnership video to learn more.


HP is a technology company born of the belief that companies should do more than just make a profit. They should make the world a better place. Their efforts in climate action, human rights, and digital equity prove that HP is doing everything in their power to make it so. With over 80 years of actions that prove our intentions, HP has the confidence to envision a world where innovation drives extraordinary contributions to humanity. And their technology – a product and service portfolio of personal systems, printers, and 3D printing solutions – was created to inspire this meaningful progress. HP knows that thoughtful ideas can come from anyone, anywhere, at any time. And all it takes is one to change the world. Flooid work with HP to deliver best-in-class checkout solutions that make accessibility and ease of use completely frictionless for shoppers.


As retailers strive to operate more efficiently in their stores, its vital that all touchpoints are operational at all times. Whether its PoS, Self – Checkout, kiosks and digital signage, having a solution that empowers remote management and control of all their touchpoints, including peripheral integration, efficient touchpoints allow retailers to take proactive decisions rather than a reactive approach. Inefi provides a Cloudbased infrastructure that works seamlessly with Flooid software and provides the retailers with a solution that identifies the state of how the hardware and peripherals are being utilised (or not) within their outlets. This ultimately provides retailers the opportunity to maximise efficiency across the estate and beyond, like the store, helpdesk, or onsite engineering. The partnership with Flooid will add even more value to ensuring their customers can operate at the optimal level from a touchpoint and peripheral point of view also saving downtime and money.


Intel’s world-changing technology enables global progress and enriches lives. With Intel® technologies, retailers can delight customers with versatile shopping experiences, using high levels of personalization to give individual shoppers a tailored experience—or create unique retail spaces that incorporate virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) to immerse customers in your brand. Retailers can also drive deeper levels of customer insight, understanding your customers’ shopping and buying habits and what drives sales performance better. To support a flexible, future-ready retail experience, Flooid work with Intel to bring the best of innovation and optimized store operations to our clients.


Planet provides integrated software, payment, and technology solutions for its customers in the Hospitality and Retail sectors and worldwide via a network of global Financial Services Partners. Planet helps its customers and partners make the most of the connected commerce revolution. Our software and payment technology enables businesses to unlock the benefits of a more connected and digital world. By integrating with Planet’s capabilities, Flooid extends its end-to-end solution for retailers looking to optimize operational efficiency, inventory management, customer experience, and competitiveness, all essential for keeping shoppers satisfied. Read more on Flooid’s website and watch the partnership video to learn more.


TransactionTree and Flooid have successfully joined forces to transform the retail customer experience, with Flooid customers already reaping the benefits of this integration. Their collaboration has fully integrated TransactionTree’s advanced digital receipt solutions and comprehensive customer data platforms into the Flooid system. This enables customers to conveniently access any transaction from any channel, a feature that is actively in use and enhancing customer interactions. This partnership marks a significant step in retail technology, offering a seamless, personalized customer journey across various platforms, and underscores a commitment to sustainability and innovative customer engagement in the retail industry. 


Yocuda is a world leading provider of digital receipt solutions. Empowering retailers, their platform provides the tools to identify and engage with 100% of in-store customers and to continue the customer conversation post purchase driving sales, customer engagement and omnichannel behaviour. Yocuda’s partnership with Flooid sets the stage for a new era of digital retail solutions. Customer identification, data-driven strategies and post purchase engagement are key to helping retailers thrive in an ever more competitive retail market. To learn how Yocuda and Flooid can transform the in-store experience, help you contribute to a reduction in environmental waste and drive customer loyalty, read more about our partnership and schedule a demo to unlock the full potential of your retail journey.

Flooid travaille avec certains des plus grands détaillants mondiaux. Si vous souhaitez en savoir plus sur les capacités de Flooid,veuillez nous contacter.

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