Flooid’s platform, partners and tools deliver innovative commerce experiences for modern retail. From flexible POS and MPOS to Self Checkout, personalized offers and Endless Aisle, with our fully managed cloud applications we’ve got you covered .



Mobile POS


Self Service

All your systems and touchpoints work together in one modern platform that connects your entire store. Flooid’s POS drives a seamless customer experience across all touchpoints and provides a consolidated view of business across all channels and stores.

Flooid’s Mobile POS solution delivers flexibility and a more engaging customer experience while reducing checkout times and allowing staff to focus on higher value tasks including returns, order taking, and arranging deliveries to the home or store.

Flooid’s Self Checkout Convertible Lane solution works with your existing systems, meaning no rip and replace of existing hardware. Registers easily become convertible lanes, capable of being operated by either customers or staff.

Transform the store experience by giving your customers the choice of how they shop instore. With Flooid’s Self Service options, customers can scan and pay for items at a self-checkout, with their mobile phone or with a store-provided handheld scanning device.

Endless Aisle/
Click & Collect

Personalized Offers

Food and Beverage


With Flooid’s Endless Aisle solution we merge online and instore stock, meaning customers can easily order any product for delivery to home or store, so you’ll never lose a sale due to unavailability.

Flooid’s Personalized Offers enable customer engagement instore and out, 24 hours a day, across any channel – delivering the right offers, to the right customers, at the right time, wherever they are.

Align table management, orders, inventory and cash on one platform. Flooid’s Food and Beverage application works seamlessly alongside grocery, specialty and general merchandise formats – ideal for gaining a single view of the customer.

Keep your staff up-to-date with our real-time inventory management solution and an intuitive UI that enables them to receive, categorize, and manage inventory effectively. With Flooid’s inventory management you can check stock levels, receive perpetual updates, make stock adjustments, check delivery schedules, and more.


No more siloed operations across different verticals, brands or territories.

We give you a single unified commerce platform that works across grocery and drug, fuel, specialty retail, general merchandise and hospitality. Bringing every store, channel and market together to create the flexible shopping journeys your customers crave.

Grocery and Drug

Some of the largest Grocery and Drug retailers rely on Flooid to run their stores. The Flooid unified commerce platform connects store, web and mobile touchpoints providing you with a single view of your operations. Your grocery store will thrive with the Flooid platform and in-store experiences. Grocery and Drug Stores can benefit from increased checkout speed and flexibility, enhanced inventory, empowered sales associates, and reduced shrinkage – all while providing exceptional personalised customer experiences.


Whether you are a single site or multi-site operator, with or without franchisees, your convenience retail business is complex. The Flooid unified commerce platform simplifies your operations providing you with a flexible, future-proof solution to meet the needs of your sites and increase competitiveness. From the home office to the back office and stock management, through to self-service and loyalty, Flooid helps you deliver exceptional customer experiences.


Bring pump and forecourt together as one through Flooid’s unified commerce platform. Flooid’s platform for Fuel allows you to keep pace with your on-the-go customers - ensuring you never miss a sale or opportunity to cross-sell or upsell for greater wallet share. The platform optimises your in-store and fuel operations by integrating the pump with the POS, self-service, food and beverage, as well as back-office operations.

Speciality Retail

Whether you operate a fashion, book, DIY or optical store Flooid has you covered. Flooid’s unified commerce platform helps you connect store, mobile and web touchpoints into a single connected journey while making the complex checkout process seamless. Flooid also helps staff deliver exceptional customer service and improve instore selling with Mobile POS, Endless Aisle and Self Checkout options.

General Merchandise

The Flooid cloud-based unified commerce solution enables General Merchandisers to deliver differentiated revenue-generating customer experiences that drive loyalty. By bringing store, mobile and web channels under one umbrella, General Merchandisers can speed up go-to-market strategies, launch new frictionless experiences, add new sales channels, convert customers on any device and deliver personalised offers across all customer touchpoints.


Whether you are a pub or a restaurant, get it working smarter with Flooid’s unified commerce platform. Synchronise your front and back-of-house systems, integrate with apps such as Deliverect to win more customers and drive revenue, access your data to make smarter business decisions and drive repeat business and loyalty with personalised offers.

Meeting your business needs

Flooid offers the unified commerce platform retailers need to optimize customer engagement and sales at every touchpoint.

Store transformation
The evolution in ecommerce has changed shopping journeys and the role of the retail store - transforming towards multipurpose omnichannel centers. Customers demand better service instore, faster, flexible checkout, easy access to product information, personalized recommendations, and multiple fulfilment options. With Flooid, it’s quick and easy to digitize your store, even using existing and legacy systems, evolving to new hardware as you digitally migrate and launch new omnichannel services.
Personalized customer experiences
Great retail experiences are built on personal engagement, but it’s a challenge achieving that at scale and across channels. With Flooid, you can really understand customers and influence their behavior both instore and out, using rewards and incentives to increase spend, frequency of visits, purchase of specific products and engagement with new sales channels. Personalized rewards for social interaction and referrals, continue engagement.
Operational excellence
In today’s world, it takes more agile, responsive store operations to meet customer demands. Flooid provides a comprehensive set of back-office and administrative functions as well as cloud-based managed services to help you run your store, end to end. Flooid features cash office and transaction audits, store-based reporting, stock and inventory, promotion and price management, and analytics and insights - giving store managers a full picture of their business in real time.
Empowered employees
Elevating the customer experience takes great customer service, making store associates key competitive differentiators. Staff should be able to process transactions swiftly and flexibly anywhere in the store. Bringing omnichannel insights and digital capabilities onto the sales floor enables associates to connect with customers in new ways. Flooid Mobile POS, Endless Aisle, Analytics and Insights, Instore Dashboards and Real Time Alerts & Monitoring enable every associate to deliver.
Charitable microdonations
Flooid’s unified commerce platform makes it easy for retailers to incorporate charitable giving and microdonations seamlessly during their customers’ shopping experience. Shoppers are asked to donate during the checkout process by a prompt asking if they wish to round up and direct their donation to selected charities.
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