Remember learning about ecosystems in biology class? It was awe-inspiring to see how closely intertwined organisms are with their environment and with each other. The idea is that everything in the natural world is linked together via complex interaction and the fluid and everchanging nature of those relationships and interactions are amazing!

Recently, much has started to be written about business and technology ecosystems.  Retail giants learned early on about the advantages of working closely with strategic partners to enable innovation. Introduce a global pandemic, and strong partner ecosystems have become a business requirement for survival.

One of the greatest assets a retailer has are the strategic partnerships, alliances and partner capabilities it can tap into to accelerate new ways of working and solutions to drive efficiency, differentiation and fresh customer experiences.

Just like in the natural world, different partners have different roles to play in this ecosystem. When clients move through commerce technology, they need multiple contributors along the way to create new and unique experiences for their shoppers. Moreover, it takes collaboration, coordination and effort to achieve the desired results.

Behind the scenes planning is required to ensure these interactions come together to create the seamless shopper journey that the end-customer views as effortless. And, that is what you want – a system of solutions that works so well together that the customer just knows that it works and is delighted to use it!

There is huge power that comes from partner collaboration and ecosystems of interrelated partners. Coming together with the common goal of helping retailers thrive and provide better service to their shoppers is what it is all about. The team at Flooid works hard every day to ensure that our clients have access to all that our partner network offers. We believe that a strong ecosystem of vendor partners is vital to the future of our industry, lets us all innovate faster, and will be key to helping retailers move past 2020 and hit the mark in 2021!

Flooid recently hosted a Vantage Point digital event on the topic of Partner Ecosystems & Innovation. If you are interested in viewing the replay, please reach out to

And, please consider signing up for our final 2020 Vantage Point event:

December 15th Event: Commerce Platforms & Looking Ahead into 2021

Flooid works with some of the world’s leading retailers. If you would like to learn more about Flooid’s capabilities, please Contact us.

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