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The evolution of the IoT, the digital store, platforms, and the growth of non-linear customer journeys requires a revolutionary new approach to retail. Flooid Hub is bringing great minds and great ideas together. Retailers, start-ups, academics, systems integrators and independent software vendors will combine free-thinking and digital disruption. The resulting innovation, coupled with Flooid’s core basket technology, will transform the store into the digital hub of the future.

What is Flooid Hub?
Flooid Hub is a one-stop space for innovation. In the hub you can meet new partners, explore our open APIs and discover how to leverage Flooid microservices through our robust API management platform.

Who is Flooid Hub for?
Flooid Hub provides an access point to our technology, and brings retail innovation teams together with start-ups, academics, systems integrators and independent software vendors. The aim is to enable no limits innovation across every channel and to share best use cases for Flooid basket technology.

Who is involved?
A growing network of pioneering retailers, digital visionaries, and an unrivalled partner community including IBM, Microsoft, Intel, NEC and Adobe, as well as some of retail’s most agile start-ups.

What resources are available?
Flooid Hub is built on three pillars; a new and growing partner community; eLearning tools and thought leadership; and a secure Sandbox, to test digital and technical concepts by accessing APIs and Flooid’s commerce microservices and data. Explore the potential of our API management platform today!

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