Deepak Sharma

Senior Dev Ops Engineer, UK

Tell me what you do for Flooid. What is your title? What is your day to day like?

I work as a Senior Devops Engineer at Flooid. My typical day to day work is to attend the standup meeting, discuss on the sprint items which includes task of coding on infrastructure as code, using Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes, Docker, Google Cloud and many more, and tasks related to continuous integration, and build and test automation pipeline as code. A key part of my role is to interact with different development teams, operations team and the architect team.

Why did you choose to work for Flooid? How long have you been with the company?

I have been with Flooid for nearly 2 years now. The reason I choose of work for Flooid is because of the right technical work for devops on creating platforms, using latest technologies like Kubernetes , Google Cloud, Terraform, Ansible etc. which is needed for any organization now to excel, but in the right way.

How is Flooid helping you to advance in your career?

Flooid is helping me in advancing in my career, as I can work, deliver and gain experience on the technologies I wanted to implement.

Why do you choose to stay with Flooid? What is one or two of the most important things that Flooid allows you to do?

Two of the most important things that Flooid allows me to do: One to have a flexible work schedule with my kids in school and my wife working fulltime, I can manage a flexible work schedule and routine to complete my work. Second is the right to no blame and learning culture in the company, which is slowly but surely getting adopted.

If you were having a conversation with a colleague about why they should come to work for Flooid, what would you tell them?

What I would say to a colleague is about the implementation of technologies in the right way (not overly affinitive to a particular tool and adopting the agile and industry standard things) and about the opportunities which will be coming to Flooid very soon.