It’s a day where we usually share our admiration for those nearest and dearest to us, but there is an unlikely candidate you may desire to add to your appreciation list this Valentine’s Day.


Yes, we’re talking retailers! And “Why?” you might ask. Well, they’re enhancing lives around the world every day!

Here are some key reasons why you should love retailers:

Investment in workforce 

According to an O’Reilly report in the UK, the demand for digitally skilled workers in areas like technology, finance, ecommerce and retail is outgrowing the level of digital skills available. 

However, numbers are trending upwards for the retail sector, with Lex Pederson, O’Reilly’s VP of EMEA President, stating that, “It’s encouraging that 80% of companies within the UK’s tech, finance and retail sectors have increased investment for tech-related learning and development over the past three years […]” 

Focus on sustainability

The health of our planet has become an increasingly important discussion among consumers. To address this issue, retailers are devising plans and setting goals to help decrease our plastic-usage and carbon footprint. For example, M&S in the UK has a Plan A commitment to reduce carbon emissions, Waitrose is reducing the use of plastics and making their own-brand packaging compostable this year and Apple has a carbon neutral goal for 2030. 

Letting you shop your way

Innovations in omnichannel retail are creating hybrid formats to support customers with different needs and ensure rewards are tailored to their purchases. 

Convenience has increased with formats like Amazon One, where customers can simply walk out with their produce, and retailers, like Specsavers, who support customer accessibility by offering home visits.   

Committing to diversity and inclusion

Retailers are growing their efforts to promote ingrained diversity and inclusion among their staff, with Zara pledging to double its disabled workforce, Target promoting in-house acquisitions from diverse employees and Home Depot increasing funding to build a pipeline of diverse hires. 

Always innovating

Concept stores are incorporating cutting edge technology to create exciting and tailormade retail experiences. For example, the newly opened Anya’ZZZ shop joined the list of evolving concept stores and retail experiences in Chelsea, London. It showcases an array of luxurious silk pyjamas, soft blankets, pillowcases, as well as a curated edit of best-in-class sleep-improving products from wearable tech to next generation alarm clocks. 

Giving back

Retailers are increasingly aware of their influence and potential to benefit the social good. For example, Flooid’s partner, Pennies, facilitates micro-donations during retail checkouts, allowing customers to round up their purchases and donate the excess to charity. 


Whether it’s their commitment to providing the best customer experience or their support for the world’s workforce, it’s obvious why we think retailers deserve a little love and celebration this Valentine’s Day! 

Flooid works with some of the world’s leading retailers. If you would like to learn more about Flooid’s capabilities, please Contact us.

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