Create the shopping experiences your customers demand with our powerful and resilient cloud native unified commerce platform. The openness and scalability of Flooid’s platform allows you to connect leading tech partners into a single commerce solution to adapt to business change, innovate quickly and optimise for growth, today and for the future.

Key features

Unified commerce engine

Open services ecosystem

Cloud done right

Built for innovation

Maintain a common single basket across every channel

  • A single place to storeprocess and share data including promotions, coupons, prices, taxation, receipts, payment and more.
  • A powerful transaction backbone and central repository of data allows for complete consistency and accuracy across any customer touchpoint – POS, mobile, self scan, self checkout, kiosks and any other customer or associate touch point you can imagine.

Build new or extend existing selling opportunities

  • The Flooid platform uses stateless services to deliver truly flexible composable commerce.
  • Flooid provides the services (the ‘engine’), while front-end applications (the ‘heads’) can be provided by Flooid, by other application vendors, or can be developed by the retailer directly.

Move to the cloud and protect your investment

  • Deploy in Google Cloud for greater speed, then ramp up and down as and when.
  • Leverage infrastructure to meet business continuity goals and maximise the cost of compute, storage, network and other infrastructure.

Extend the power of the Flooid platform and bring transformational experiences to your stores

  • The Flooid platform is architected for flexibility and allows you to choose best of breed providers to plug in the tools and systems your business counts on, quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Integrate and implement quickly in collaboration with partners including Accenture, Microsoft, Intel, Adobe, IBM, SAP, Google and more.
  • Leverage Flooid’s APIs to test and develop new customer experiences and digital concepts faster.

Second to none estate management tools and services

Optimise the operation of your entire retail enterprise with our full suite of powerful back-office solutions and managed services

Loss Prevention | Unified Commerce Solutions and Management Tools

Loss Prevention

Estate Management | Unified Commerce Solutions and Management Tools

Estate Management

Alerts & Monitoring | Unified Commerce Solutions and Management Tools

Alerts & Monitoring

Globalization | Unified Commerce Solutions and Management Tools


Reporting & Insights | Unified Commerce Solutions and Management Tools

Reporting & Insights

Look after your bottom line with vital real-time data to help identify lost revenues.

Streamline your processes on Flooid’s cloud platform and stay on top of data updates, performance optimisation and always available operations information.

Leverage Flooid’s cloud platform and be confident your stores and estate are optimally working at all times with monitoring and alerting capabilities.

Flooid makes global and local compliance effortless covering tax compliance, regulatory requirements, regional payment methods, and hardware regional configurations.

Empower your teams with Flooid Insights providing data, trends, analytics and interactive dashboards connecting your 1st & 3rd party transaction and system data.

Meet your customers on the channel of their choice with flexible shopping experiences

POS | Unified Commerce Solutions for Flexible Shopping Experiences


Self Checkout | Unified Commerce Solutions for Flexible Shopping Experiences

Self Checkout

Convertible Lane | Unified Commerce Solutions for Flexible Shopping Experiences

Convertible Lane

Self Scan | Unified Commerce Solutions for Flexible Shopping Experiences

Self Scan

Mobile POS | Unified Commerce Solutions for Flexible Shopping Experiences


All your systems and touchpoints converging to provide seamless experiences with a single modern platform.

Help your customers serve themselves safely, privately and simply with Flooid Self Checkout.

Address peaks and valleys of traffic in your stores by providing a fast way to add a cashier and convert a self checkout to an attended register and flush out queues.

Let customers be in control of their shopping journey with self scan, while ensuring they can pay with their preferred payment type and get help when they need it.

Empower your associates to deliver personalised service, break up queues, and maximise upselling opportunities.

Launch new omnichannel services to generate lasting loyalty

Omnichannel Journeys | Unified Commerce Solutions and Omnichannel Services

Omnichannel journeys

Personalized Offers | Unified Commerce Solutions and Omnichannel Services

Personalised Offers

Support click and collect instore and kerbside collection, never miss a sale with shipping and alternative pickup options and ensure that no matter where customers shop they can return or exchange in the physical store.

Deliver the right offers, at the right time, to the right customers, across any channel.

Always innovating

Our platform and flexibility in partnering with world class technology companies for a true best of breed retail store solution sets us apart. It provides limitless opportunities to adapt to the fast pace of retail.

Flooid Partner - unified commerce solutions
Microsoft, Flooid Partner - unified commerce solutions

Whether it’s CRM, ERP, payments or promotions, you choose what you want, then decide whether to build in-house, use our partners or deploy out-of-the-box from Flooid’s ready-made capability stack.

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