Providing an exceptional self-checkout experience

Self-checkout is fast becoming the standard in the world of retail. The empowering and flexible functions of self-checkouts have led up to 40% of US grocery chains to employ SCOs in store, while 85% of consumers have found self-checkout more efficient than cashiers, according to Forbes research. As for the UK, roughly eight in 10 sales in a typical supermarket now go through self-checkouts, according to industry publication The Grocer. Less than 10 percent of shoppers identify as non-self-checkout users. Of these, a third said using self-checkout felt like doing work for the retailer.

Yet, with the increased adoption of self-checkout technology comes new risks. Staff members are often tasked with monitoring large banks of machines and since SCOs rely on customers to accurately scan and pack their own items, shoplifting opportunities have risen fast. Customers can equally become frustrated with SCOs if items are not being scanned or recognised correctly, leading to increasing numbers of walkouts and abandoned baskets. 

We have reached a crucial juncture in the development of self-checkouts where retailers must find new ways to secure their stores, reassure their customers of their efficiency, and ensure SCO deployment fits with their corporate values. Faced with a stream of possible issues, we believe retailers should consider three key factors before deploying potential solutions: experience, loss prevention, and ethics.

An exceptional SCO experience: Why retail needs to rethink self-checkout is a new white paper from the team at Flooid. Outlining the vast development of SCO usage and its ensuing challenges, the white paper explores how cutting-edge technology such as RFID tagging, mobile scan and go and computer vision can help customers checkout faster and improve their experience at the endpoint. We also delve into how AI-assisted camera scanning and QR-enabled checkout gates can help improve loss prevention, while targeted training policies and data protection protocols can additionally place ethics at the forefront of decision-making.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to self-checkout and it is ultimately only with the help of a trusted adviser and technological expert such as Flooid that retailers can make the decisions that work best for them. Read the white paper to discover how Flooid creates:

Trusted transactions

With nearly four decades of experience helping the world’s biggest brands tackle the latest developments in the fast-moving world of retail, Flooid has created modular, composable solutions that put the retailer in the driving seat without significantly impacting resources. Retailers trust us to give an objective take on the latest developments and to create an ROI case for their implementation through our unified, customisable framework.

Empowered experiences

Flooid’s Empower app enables associates to remotely monitor and respond to self-checkout issues in real-time and from the palm of their hand. Instant alerts, data analytics and a customisable algorithm enable real-time summaries of scanned items and transaction values that give staff the ability to catch non-payment activities and keep the transaction flow smooth. Wide-ranging compatibility also means Empower can be deployed across self-checkout, cashier operated registers, convertible lanes, kiosks and the new generation of mobile POS devices.

Priceless partners

As well as sharing our own experience, platform and expertise, we work with industry-leading partners such as Blueseed Retail to provide a psychological understanding of retailer strengths and challenges, rather than just an IT-focused perspective. Merging psychology with business process and technical expertise, we can provide a holistic, lasting approach to business transformation.

To learn how Flooid can make your SCO operations more efficient, cost-effective and safer, download the white paper.

Flooid works with some of the world’s leading retailers. If you would like to learn more about Flooid’s capabilities, please Contact us.

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