Flooid’s unified commerce solutions concentrate on the heavy lifting of basket management and pricing, leaving retailers free to concentrate on their customers

Flooid is setting itself apart with a headless commerce offering that puts its ability to manage pricing, basket management and loyalty schemes front and centre.

Flooid Solutions allow retailers to build their own front ends for applications and sales terminals – or get third-party developers to do it – while Flooid concentrates on the “heavy lifting”.

Martyn Osborne, Flooid CEO, said: “It’s changed how we think about the product investment and how we think about the solution. It’s no longer just how we’ll build the tool. It’s how can we build solutions that allow us to bring partners into the ecosystem and add value. How can we bring solutions to market that enable retailers to build some of their own assets on top of our platform?

Whether you’re going into a retailer with an app on your phone, or your partner is going to the checkout, or the self-checkout, if you come out of there with the same basket of goods, whether you bought it using a self-checkout or POS or on your phone, the receipt will look the same. The items on the receipt will be the same and, crucially, the price and promotion calculation will be identical. That’s actually quite hard to pull off because when you bring different companies in different systems and stitch them all together, invariably you’ll get inconsistencies with how things are done.

Flooid has been featured in the April issue of Technology Magazine.

In this exclusive interview, Martyn Osborne, EMEA CEO of Flooid discussed the company’s approach to headless retail.

He said: “Even if a customer is talking about replacing their point of sale, that might be a nine-month job and in essence we’re going to sell you a newer, shiny version of something you already have. We can say ‘why don’t we start the project somewhere else? What can’t you do with your current platform?’ You might not be able to do mobile, or some of the omni-channel journeys. Why don’t we start with those and do the POS piece. So you deliver some really early value in the lifecycle chain. Our sales approach and strategy approach plays really well for what the market wants. And we get told that it’s refreshing that we’re not trying to land-grab everything. We’re trying to be really good at what we do, but we know where our boundaries are.

Paddy Smith, editor of Technology Magazine, said: “Concentrating on what you do best, and leaving others to pick up the things you can’t offer a premium service for, is a tough choice to make in business. Flooid has identified its strengths and is playing to them. That’s an admirable position to take.

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You can read the report on page 260 of the latest issue of Technology Here.

Flooid works with some of the world’s leading retailers. If you would like to learn more about Flooid’s capabilities, please Contact us.

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