One unified commerce platform, unlimited possibilities.

Create the shopping experiences your customers demand with our powerful and resilient cloud-based unified commerce platform. The openness and scalability of Flooid’s platform allows you to connect leading tech partners into a single commerce system to innovate quickly and optimise your business for growth, today and into the future.

Key Features

Commerce engine

Headless commerce

Flexible deployment

Built for innovation

Maintain a single basket across every channel

  • A single place to store and process data including promotions, coupons, prices, taxation, receipts, and payment.
  • A powerful transaction backbone and central repository of data allows for complete consistency and accuracy across any customer touchpoint – POS, mobile, self scan, self checkout, kiosks and more.

Build new selling opportunities – all managed from a central location

  • The Flooid platform uses stateless services to deliver truly flexible composable commerce.
  • Flooid provides the back-end services (the ‘engine’), while the front-end applications (the ‘heads’) can be provided by Flooid, by other application vendors, or can be developed by the retailer directly.

Move to the cloud at your own pace and protect your investment

  • Deploy in public cloud for greater speed, then ramp up and down as and when.
  • Use on-prem infrastructure to leverage the best of modern virtualisation technology.
  • Leverage infrastructure to meet business continuity goals and maximise the cost of compute, storage, network and other infrastructure.

Extend the power of the Flooid platform and do commerce your way

  • The Flooid platform is pre-integrated with 80+ leading providers to plug in the tools and systems your business counts on, quickly and cost-effectively.
  • Integrate and innovate quickly in collaboration with tech partners including Microsoft, Intel, Adobe, IBM, SAP, Google.
  • Leverage Flooid’s APIs to test and develop new customer experiences and digital concepts faster.


Optimise the operation of your entire retail enterprise with our full suite of powerful back-office solutions and managed services

Loss Prevention

Estate Management

Alerts & Monitoring


Analytics & Insights

Look after your bottom line with vital real-time data to help identify lost revenues.

Streamline your processes on Flooid’s cloud platform and remotely manage smart devices and peripherals tags.

Centralise data in Flooid’s cloud platform and receive real-time alerts, predictive analysis and health score tracking.

Flooid makes global compliance effortless covering local tax compliance and payment methods, and hardware/software certifications.

Empower your teams with data, insights and interactive dashboards by connecting your 1st and 3rd party transaction and system data.

Meet your customers on the channel of their choice with flexible shopping experiences


Self Checkout

Convertible Lane

Self Scan


All your systems and touchpoints working together from one modern platform.

Help your customers serve themselves safely and simply with Flooid Self Checkout.

Increase hardware lifespan, lower total cost of ownership and invigorate rarely-used registers.

Let customers choose how they shop and transform the instore experience with self scan.

Redefine the instore experience by taking payments however and wherever your customers want.

Launch new omnichannel services to generate lasting loyalty



Endless Aisle

Personalised Offers

Bring click and collect customers to your store with instore and curbside collection.

No matter where customers shop they can return or exchange in your retail store.

Never miss a sale with ‘buy instore, ship to customer’.

Deliver the right offers, at the right time, to the right customers, across any channel.

Open for innovation

Our open-API platform sets us apart. It gives you limitless opportunities to expand and optimise because it’s pre-integrated with 80+ leaders from across the retail ecosystem including:

Whether it’s CRM, ERP, payments or promotions, you choose what you want, then decide whether to build in-house, use our partners or deploy out-of-the-box from Flooid’s ready-made capability stack.

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