Retail is evolving faster than ever — and so are retail expectations. Customers demand better service, faster transactions, flexible checkout options, personalised recommendations, and a consistent experience across channels. Retail associates expect to be empowered with technology that enables them to deliver superior service and efficiently tackle a variety of tasks. Instantaneous, consistent information, convenience and choice are key.

Delivering against these expectations is an imperative for any modern retailer. Flooid’s single unified commerce platform makes the difference by underpinning operational excellence and ensuring future flexibility, so retailers are free to adapt and evolve at the ‘speed of retail’.

Flooid’s unique approach will be showcased at NRF 2023: Retail’s Big Show in New York from January 15 – 17. Our team will be at booth #3131 to share best practices, demonstrate new technology and discuss real-life use cases across a range of topics:

  • Leveraging a cloud-native platform to connect all store, mobile and web touchpoints
  • Transforming stores for customer experience excellence and reduced shrink
  • Empowering associates to be guardians and champions of checkout
  • Using flexible points-of-service solutions for adaptable assisted and self-service experiences across multiple formats and industry sectors
  • Composable Commerce and open APIs for frictionless customer journeys and flexibility
  • New, easy access to real-time insights that allow retailers to outshine the competition

Donna Stevens, Senior Vice President Product and Marketing at Flooid, said: “NRF 2023 promises to be a rich environment of case studies, disruptive technologies and sharp insights. We’ll be there to talk about point-of-service evolution, associate empowerment, composable commerce, cloud done right and advanced analytics — and to help our customers with their top of mind objectives and challenges.

If you would like to learn about Flooid’s platform, or have a retail scenario or use case in mind, book a meeting with the team at NRF 2023.

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