In a time where many of us can pull out our smartphone and hop on Google, there are still 1.3 billion school-aged children who do not have access to the internet.

And even though there were strides in virtual connectivity during the pandemic, there are still students all over the world who have been left behind because they don’t have the technology to keep up.


One of Flooid’s core values is “Impact” where we strive to make a difference and thrive on achievement.  This extends beyond the borders of our everyday business conduct to drive value for our customers and includes concepts like corporate environmental and social consciousness.

When Flooid’s Head of Legal, Richard Sauramba, realised the company had excess tablets in storage, he suggested that some should be donated to a school in need to help close this technology gap.

After receiving the green light, Richard embarked on his journey from the UK to Zimbabwe to personally deliver the tablets to a school from his childhood village.

“I’m from Zimbabwe and there is a school in the village that I grew up in that I knew would benefit from such a donation given the state of the economy in the country,” Richard said.

“The headmaster and teachers at the school expressed their gratitude and explained that they were keen to improve the situation at the school and get more IT equipment, because the number of children per computer is hugely disproportionate.”

Procured by Flooid from partner Box Technologies, the donated tablets will be used by the students to learn basic computer skills, like Word and PowerPoint.

Since the donation, Richard’s friends and relatives have been contacted by nearby schools to inquire if more IT equipment can be donated.

This has inspired Richard to reach out to various IT companies in the UK to see if they are able to donate any excess or older IT equipment.

“I hope I will be successful in securing more IT equipment, as it is imperative now for children to have access to the internet and information technology,” he said.

“I wish to thank Flooid for helping me and supporting this school and children in need.”

Flooid are proud to have people like Richard on our team, who recognise that transforming the shape of retail extends to thinking about the greater impact we can make on the shoppers of today and tomorrow.

Flooid works with some of the world’s leading retailers. If you would like to learn more about Flooid’s capabilities, please Contact us.

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