Flooid and PMC are excited to announce a strategic three-year partnership, marking a significant step in Flooid’s commitment to delivering exceptional support and services to its customers.

To paint a better picture of this partnership and its value, Flooid Chief Executive Officer EMEA, Martyn Osborne, and PMC Chief Commercial Officer, Simon Curtis, provide an inside perspective in the Q&A below.

Martyn Osborne

Flooid Chief Executive Officer EMEA

Simon Curtis

PMC Chief Commercial Officer

What will Flooid Customers experience as a result of this three-year partnership agreement?

Simon Curtis:
In modern, sophisticated retail IT environments, it’s inevitable that things are going to break occasionally and it’s about how you react quickly, identify the cause and the resolving agency to ensure service restoration. The PMC service desk team is equipped to deliver exceptional service and support to Flooid’s customers.

A good example would be global outages and, whilst rare, they do occur and can be caused by a multitude of applications, systems, networks, and hardware.  This is where PMC ‘s skilled resources in our support desk simply shine, calmly identifying the issue, reviewing with the resolving agency and, if necessary, considering workarounds. All this happens while a separate team works on communication with the stores, retail teams and Flooid until issue resolution.


What does the partnership with PMC mean for Flooid?

Martyn Osborne:
Our primary focus is always our customers’ success, and this collaboration allows us to further enhance the support and services we provide.

PMC provides an expert support team with fast issue resolution and guidance when the store needs it the most. We are confident our customers have the best support services, while we focus on delivering our best-in-class solutions.

PMC’s track record of excellence and commitment to customer satisfaction aligns perfectly with our values, and we look forward to a successful partnership.


What are some key highlights to this partnership?

Simon Curtis:
There are four main areas of support provided by PMC:

  • Dedicated Help Desk Services
  • Expert Support Team
  • Rapid Issue Resolution
  • Proactive Automated Solutions

PMC’s dedicated help desk service provides around-the-clock assistance for any software-related queries or issues.  Our skilled professionals are on hand to provide technical assistance and guidance, ensuring the correct resolving agency is engaged as quickly as possible for the end retailer. And, because of this support, Flooid customers can expect faster issue resolution ultimately driving minimised downtime and disruption to their retail operations.


What are the new enhancements to the partnership?

Martyn Osborne:
PMC is expanding the service offering to Flooid customers to include full Level 1, typically not provided by Flooid. This means that Flooid customers will perceive a seamless transition between the PMC team at the support desk where 70% of calls are resolved at first contact and the Flooid applications support teams.  Should the call require a more technical or application-specific skillset, Flooid will receive a clear, detailed handover of the call from the PMC support team.


Tell us a little about PMC’s approach to working with Flooid:

Simon Curtis:
This collaboration represents a significant opportunity to provide tailored support services to Flooid’s customers, ensuring they will thrive in our competitive market. PMC will work closely with Flooid to identify potential opportunities for improvement, offering proactive solutions to enhance the performance and functionality of the software solutions. We are excited to expand this continued partnership and look forward to expanding the services already enjoyed by many PMC customers to the Flooid community of retailers.


The Flooid and PMC partnership is set to revolutionise the way retail software companies deliver customer support, reinforcing Flooid’s position as a market leader and ensuring the success of its valued customers. Together, we aim to create a seamless and productive retail experience for businesses around the world.


About PMC
PMC is a technology service provider to retailers and consumer-facing businesses. The business was founded with a vision to deliver better technology outcomes for Retail and B2C customers. With a passion for delivering outstanding value and over 500 employees, PMC offers flexible services and solutions enabling customers to keep pace in an ever-changing technology landscape. PMC’s extensive experience in advising, transforming and managing retail and B2C technology is backed by an unrivalled industry reputation for delivering quality and customer success.

About Flooid
Flooid helps retailers create the seamless shopping experiences that customers demand. Flooid’s unified commerce platform empowers merchants to sell to customers flexibly and consistently wherever they are and however they choose to shop. Our best of breed open ecosystem gives retailers the power to connect leading retail tech partners with a single unified commerce platform to engage with shoppers, sell more effectively across channels and adapt to retail shopping changes we have yet to imagine.

Flooid works with some of the world’s leading retailers. If you would like to learn more about Flooid’s capabilities, please Contact us.

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