Point-of-sale is evolving. Are you?

Are you experimenting with your transaction endpoints? Do you have the optimal mix of self-checkout, self-scan and cashier-operated registers in store? Do you have a clear plan for innovation at the point of purchase?

Almost every retailer is wrestling with questions like these as they look to improve customer satisfaction, increase margins, and optimise the in-store experience. Their primary focus is on the point-of-sale — and how it can best serve customers at the magical moment when browse turns to buy. Above all, these retailers want to know what to do next.

More choice, less friction, greater purpose: The future of point-of-sale, is a new white paper from the Flooid team. Packed with insights, this useful guide provides an overview of the six key topics every retailer needs to know when it comes to POS evolution:

  • Payments their way
    Can your shoppers always transact in the way they want to?
  • Personalisation
    How can you show customers you recognise and value them at the point of transaction?
  • Purpose
    Can you put social purpose at the heart of your shopping journeys?
  • Predictive
    Can you predict footfall and offer redemption, and align staff and technology accordingly?
  • Preventative
    Is shrink creating a disproportionate dent in your profits?
  • Partnerships
    Do you have the right teams in place to support your plans and growth?

If you’re interested in how POS is progressing, download a copy of the white paper now.


Flooid works with some of the world’s leading retailers. If you would like to learn more about Flooid’s capabilities, please Contact us.

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