With the drive for social consciousness becoming a more visible priority around the world, retailers are seeking new ways to support charities and make an impact.

Flooid’s unified commerce platform makes it easy for retailers to incorporate charitable giving and microdonations seamlessly during their customers’ shopping experience. Shoppers are asked to donate during the checkout process by a prompt asking if they wish to round up and direct their donation to selected charities. 

Pennies Foundation


Partnering with Pennies Foundation, a well-known charity aggregation service partnering with some of the biggest retailers in the United Kingdom, Flooid promotes micro-philanthropy with the notion that wherever consumers use a card for payment, whether online, in shops or on their mobile phones, they can be given the opportunity to donate a few pennies to charity. Retailers can easily and seamlessly raise money for their nominated charities by offering customers a chance to add micro-donations with in-store or digital app payments as supported by their payment service provider. 

Interested in incorporating microdonations and charitable giving into your payment and checkout process?

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