From your initial conversation, right through to your pilot, you’ll have a skilful team of Flooid Professional Services experts partner with you to ensure your retail solutions deliver the results customers demand.

Flooid’s Professional Services engagements start with interactive workshops to understand your retail challenges and demonstrate how Flooid’s solutions can help you meet your unique business goals. After we understand your needs, we’ll continue to partner with you closely as your project is delivered.

Flooid’s collaborative process

1. Validate

The new partnership will kick off with an interactive workshop demonstrating the breadth and richness of the Flooid product.

2. Build

The solution is fully configured and deployed to hardware, creating the build and scripts for deployment into the cloud.

3. Test

The solution is fully configured & deployed to hardware, creating the build and scripts for deployment into the cloud.

4. Pilot

The live pilot instore allows us to analyse data and results of the rollout and suggest optimisations and execution scenarios.

5. Grow

You’re now fully up and running as a Flooid customer. We’ll continue to support you as you grow your business, checking in regularly to discuss your progress.

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