Flooid is found in 60+ Countries around the globe

Flooid has decades of experience innovating world-class POS technology and developing platform services for brands everywhere, including retailers like Walgreens, M&S and Waitrose.

The difference at Flooid is that we deliver retail innovation in a way that makes sense. We offer a single SaaS platform that allows retailers to transact on any channel and that scales to support even the largest organisation. Moreover, it allows flexibility for a retailers’ future aspirations – whatever they may be.

When we design our POS and commerce solutions, we think about the people who will use the solution – the store operations manager, the cashier, the shopper who wants to order online, pick-up at the store, and get out the door fast. How can we help retailers better thrive and compete? How can we help the store employee do his or her job better? How can we help a shopper have a better day?

We love to see our clients succeed in enabling their customers to experience the full benefit of seamless shopping journeys, together innovating in new ways that meet the unique demands of every individual shopper.

Why should you partner with Flooid? Retailers in more than 60 countries around the globe count on Flooid to drive their retail commerce, to provide them peace of mind about the reliability of their ability to transact, and to help them stay current with industry trends. We process billions of secure transactions and have proven experience scaling to estates of over 20,000 touchpoints. At Flooid we offer a single solution that brings your teams and operations together in a unified experience for your shoppers.

When it comes to innovation we work hard with our collaborative partners, such as Intel and the Open Retail Initiative – offering our clients a fast track to the latest solutions.

And we’ve always been laser focused on retail commerce, dedicated, working hard, moving in the right direction and delivering for our customers now and into the future.


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